Rare beverages at The Grand

The finest liquor in the world is available at THE GRAND, there are few places if any, in the world that can rival the selection our venue offers.

With hundreds of bottles of the world's finest wines on display, the true connoisseur will be wondering which of the rarest they should sample first.

If Champagne is the drink you desire, then be assured that our collection is not only beautiful to the taste, but a fine site to behold. With bottles displayed prominently throughout the club, you will be hard pressed to say no to the inviting allure of a good bottle.

But a hidden gem awaits you in the cognac room, situated up the stairs from the dining hall. With walls adorned with the largest and rarest single malt whiskey and cognac collection your eyes have ever seen, you will take a little longer than normal to admire the site before you.

Moving along through the collection you will spot rarity beyond measure, culminating in the gem of the collection. The Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac, a true gem amongst this already stellar collection.

All that remains is for you to make up your mind about what you fancy indulging in, on your visit.

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